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Conquer the courtroom. Get better settlements. 

With 150+ enrolled students, Trial Ad Academy is an online course designed to teach law students and lawyers how to conquer the courtroom. Enjoy step-by-step lessons that will prepare you for trial.

By learning what it takes to win at trial, you'll know how to strengthen cases through discovery. The irony is that your improved trial skills should result in better settlement offers, which can keep you out of the courtroom!

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Video Lessons

Reading a book is one thing. Seeing and hearing advocacy lessons is another! #GameChanger

Lifetime Access

When a seminar is over, it's over. With Trial Ad Academy, it will be available whenever you need it.

Free Updates

As time goes on, more course content will continue to be added -- at no extra charge for you!

Community Access

Course members will have the ability to leave comments and spark conversations with one another.


You'll receive downloadable documents that help turn your thoughts into a concrete strategy.

Q/A Sessions

Get your questions answered by joining Q/A sessions and/or by directly contacting the course creator.

Why people enroll in Trial Ad Academy

The enrolled students have different desires, however, they all have one goal -- to improve their skills in the courtroom.

Well Rounded Advocate

My goal as a lawyer is to become a well rounded advocate that is capable of providing excellent representation to clients in and out the courtroom. My course studies didn’t lend itself to developing my advocacy skills, but I am working to develop that. 

D. D.

Lawyer from Missouri

Trial Proficient

I need to become more trial proficient and comfortable in the courtroom

Matt W.

Lawyer from Ohio

Rules of Evidence

I need to learn about Trial Prep, Direct and Cross, how to get away with arguing in Opening Statement, and Rules of Evidence!

Caleb R.

Law Student

What is inside the Course

Everything that Trial Ad Academy covers

10+ Hours of Video Footage

And growing! Whether you're going through Trial Ad Academy for the first time or for the 100th time, the material is here for you. Just sit back and enjoy!

48+ Lessons

Since you will have lifetime access, you'll get the benefit of more content being added at NO CHARGE to you. Yes -- this is an investment that gets better with time.

Pre-Trial Preparation

Know the Elements

Discovery Review

Double Checking

Pre-Trial Conference

Motion in Limine

Jury Selection

Intro to Jury Selection

Jury's Duties - Burden of Proof (Part 1)

Jury's Duties - Burden of Proof (Part 2)

Presentation - Burden of Proof

Potential Case Issues

Damages or Sentencing

Challenge for Cause

Crafting the Introduction

Lightning Round!

Who to Strike?

Prep + Final Thoughts

Opening Statement

Crafting the Perfect Opening Statement

Opening Statement Example

Commentary & Criticism

Direct Examination

Intro + GOALS

Recipe for Success

Lightning Round

Cross Examination

Intro to Cross Examination

Fundamentals of Cross

Controlling the Witness

Best Question for Cross Examination

2 Types of Cross Questions

Inconsistent Statements

Impeaching with Prior Convictions

Handling "I don't know" & "I don't remember"


Handling Exhibits

Refreshing Recollection

Expert Witnesses

The Basics of Expert Witnesses

Who Qualifies as an Expert

Challenging an Expert Witness

Example: Offering an Expert Witness

Example: Challenging an Expert Witness

Closing Argument

Ingredients of a Successful Closing Argument

Ultimate Guide | Perfect Closing Argument


Top 10 Trial Objections

Hearsay – Part 1

Hearsay - Part 2

Rule 403

Examples - Mock Trial Cases

2 lessons

Pearson v. Specter

Direct Examination – Detective Rachel Zane

Cross Examination – Detective Rachel Zane

PowerPoint for Lawyers

3 lessons

Which Presentation Program to Use

Creating the Slides

Using Slides Effectively


Because who doesn't love freebies?

*BIG ANNOUNCEMENT* - Below are the freebies that every course member will have access to. Each one of these freebies could be its own mini course. But instead of charging for them, they are bundled into Trial Ad Academy at no extra cost.

Free Bonus #1
Ultimate Guide to Trial Objections

Trial Objections are the sword and the shield for lawyers. That's why this freebie will arm you to the teeth and prepare you for anything that may be thrown your way. 

Free Bonus #2
Case Examples

Taking the principles of Trial Ad Academy and applying them to specific Mock Trial examples so you can see everything in action! Plus, there will be a breakdown for each example so you can follow along.

Free Bonus #3
PowerPoint for Lawyers

This isn't the sexiest topic, however, there's no denying that PowerPoint can be an absolute game changer -- when used correctly. Take your arguments to the next level with this one.

About the Course Teacher

Jarrett Stone

Jarrett Stone is the owner of Stone Firm, PLLC and founder of Law Venture. 

His journey as an advocate began in law school where he excelled in competitions and successfully tried his first case after only his 2L year. He's been hooked ever since. 

Fast forward to today and his skills are allowing him to battle against billion-dollar companies in fiercely litigated class actions while also representing individuals in personal injury cases.

Using his knowledge and experience, Law Venture is his passion project meant to help others maximize their potential as lawyers. 

Quality Content is the Mission

The Law Venture channel on YouTube focuses on providing viewers with high-quality content. Due to this priority, the feedback on YouTube has been incredible. Check it out:

If only more people knew about the value here!

I just appreciate all your videos so far, there has not been a bad or boring one! You break down and explain in a way that is interesting and have something that is going to be great one day. If only more people knew about the value here! Thank you so much. Excellent work!

L. A.

YouTube Comment

So professional

Looked at the views expecting to find hundreds of thousands based on the fact it was so professional and edited well, but only to see it has a few hundred. Great video really.


YouTube Comment

You definitely deserve more subscribers.

You definitely deserve more subscribers. I just discovered your channel 30 minutes ago and I can already see how good your content is.


YouTube Comment

...and if that's the free stuff, then imagine the quality of a paid Online Course!

How is Trial Ad Academy different from the YouTube videos?

Glad you asked! Trial Ad Academy is like the YouTube videos... but on STEROIDS!

With the online course, you'll get MORE examples, MORE insights, and MORE trial secrets.

Yes, there will be some overlap with the material. But, a major benefit to Trial Ad Academy is that it puts everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step process.

This type of hyper-focused material will save you time because you have better things to do than to hunt down content online that will hopefully answer a question that you have.

Can't you simply buy a book on Trial Advocacy? Well, yes. But, a book has limitations because you can't see and hear how you should present/argue something with just a book.

How about a seminar? Unfortunately, you'll only benefit from a seminar whenever it occurs. In other words, you'll stop getting any value from it once it's over.

With an online course like Trial Ad Academy, you'll receive video lessons that will be available for as long as you need it!



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

Trial Ad Academy comes with a 60-Day promise -- in the highly unlikely chance that you are not 100% satisfied with the course, then you will receive 100% of your money back. 

No risk.

Just incredible potential for you to take your career to the next level!


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