Small Law. Big Success.

Small Law.

Big Success.

Law Venture brings modern-day entrepreneurship to lawyers. Let us help you thrive on a shoestring budget so you can take your legal career to new heights.

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Cheat Sheet: Trial Objections

With 10,000+ downloads, this cheat sheet simplifies the essential trial objections for every advocate. 

Ultimate Guide: Opening Statements

Get the 10-step formula for writing the perfect Opening Statement prior to trial.


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Not tech savvy? No worries! This course will hold your hand as you build a beautiful website for you law firm. Save money, avoid headaches, and optimize for success!

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Step-by-step course on how to win your client's case using depositions!

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A real-world case example showing how to win a case with a successful deposition.

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48+ lessons and 10+ hours of video content.

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About the founder


I'm Jarrett Stone

Law Venture is a passion projection of mine. After starting my own law firm and experiencing success as a lawyer, I've made it my mission to share my insights so that others can learn from my mistakes and build upon my success.

I just appreciate all of the videos so far. There has not been a bad or boring one! You break down and explain in a way that is interesting and have something that is going to be great one day with a larger audience. If only more people knew about the value here! Thank you so much. Many of us are trained lawyers or even have years of experience but there are basics that we can utilize and practice and review always -- along with the many new tips you offer. Excellent work!

Lynn, YouTube comment

Dude, you rock! I am sending you professional respect from overseas. Thank you!

Mak., YouTube comment

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