Welcome to Law Venture! We're honored to have you.

Law Venture exists to help law students and lawyers take their legal careers to the next level. Whether you're an aspiring lawyer or a seasoned veteran, Law Venture is here to help.

It's time we overhaul the legal industry with forward-thinking lawyers.

the origin story

A Simple Purpose.

In June 2018, the first Law Venture was posted on YouTube.

The goal?

To help people!

Providing educational content for future and current lawyers has been the purpose behind Law Venture since Day 1.

fast forward

New Feel. Same Purpose.

While Law Venture has received overhauls and upgrades over the years, its purpose has never changed. 

Not only can you watch the YouTube videos, but you can now enjoy Law Venture's online courses.

And the journey has only begun!

the founder

A Nerdy Lawyer.

Jarrett Stone is a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur at heart. He founded Law Venture as a passion project to share his entrepreneurial knowledge with other lawyers. 

As the owner of a small law firm, he experienced the usual struggles that come from the outdated thinking that plagues the legal profession. 

After spending countless hours studying what entrepreneurs in other industries do, he overhauled his traditional thinking and began thriving!

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