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Ready to start building your law firm’s website? If so, check out the latest lessons!

Course Structure

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Introduction to Building Your Website

Find out what this course has to offer and see the templates made using the resources in this course.

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The Website Essentials

Let's cover the basics involving your law firm's Domain Name(s), Hosting, SSL, Redirects, and a WordPress builder.

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How to Install WordPress (using GoDaddy)

To have a WordPress website, we need to install WordPress on our Hosting Plan. In this lesson, you can watch the step-by-step process using GoDaddy.

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Free Ways to Help Secure Your Law Firm’s Website

Let's try to prevent any security issues while we're building our law firm's website. To do this, let's apply these FREE security measures.

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How to Create Your Law Firm's Website using Thrive Suite

It's time to get set up with the best resource for building your law firm's website! Thrive Suite is a powerful tool that makes building your dream website a reality!

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Building Your Law Firm’s Website

It's time to start building our law firm's website! In this lesson, you'll see inspiration, templates, and orientation on how to use Thrive Suite. Let's dive in!

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Reverse Engineering the Law Firm Templates

A step-by-step tutorial showing you how sections of the law firm templates were created using Thrive Suite on WordPress.

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Fine-Tuning Your Website

With most of the heavy lifting out of the way, it's now time to optimize your website a bit.

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Automating Intake with your Law Firm’s Website

Save time and money by using your law firm's website to automate your intake! By funneling high quality cases your way, you're going to make your life 1000x easier!

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Almost done!

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