The Website Essentials

Making this lesson more concrete.

Let's use my law firm as an example.

1. My law firm's domain names


I purchased all of my domain names through In fact, you'll find out that all of my essentials are through GoDaddy (they make things so convenient). 

If you're still needing a domain name, then you can do what I did by going to GoDaddy's homepage and searching for your first domain.

Don't worry if your first option isn't available!

As always, be sure to factor in user error. In other words, keep the domain address as simple as possible.

I specifically didn't want because I knew people would mess up the PLLC portion. Shockingly, insurance adjusters will send letters to my law firm and 25% of them mess up the PLLC portion... DESPITE reading my law firm's name on the letter of representation that I send them.

Is a bad domain? No.

But is better because it's easier -- it also doesn't hurt that I have either. 

2. My law firm's Hosting Plan

GoDaddy is always changing its layout but these screenshots should give you an idea on the path that I took when choosing my current Hosting Plan.

The first step is to see the Hosting Plans available. To do this, simply click "Web Hosting" on GoDaddy's homepage.

Currently, GoDaddy automatically takes you to a page for "Web Hosting."

But, since this is a website for a law firm, I recommend checking out "Business Hosting."

Again, don't confuse the "Web Hosting" page with the "Business Hosting" page.

Here are the current Business Hosting Plans offered by GoDaddy.

Let's highlight the benefits with having a Business Plan:

  • Virtual Private Server (i.e., not sharing with random people/websites)
  • Better security since you're not sharing a server
  • Faster website (i.e., better user experience)
  • Free unlimited SSLs that are automatically implemented (i.e., save money and time)
  • Unlimited websites (i.e., supports all of your domains)
  • More storage (important if you're uploading files, photos, videos, etc. on the site)
  • 1-Click Install of WordPress (which is how we'll build our law firm's website!)

For me, I originally had the Launch plan. But I recently purchased the Enhance plan since I also have to handle the traffic of (Hey! You're part of that traffic!).

For most people, I recommend getting the Launch plan. You can always upgrade if you start noticing that you're getting close to your memory or storage limits, which you can monitor after you get your hosting. 

Like we covered in the video lesson, an SSL certificate is critical. Fortunately, the business plans take care of all of that with the free, unlimited, and automated perk that come with them. 

(This SSL perk is relatively new and was a relief because paying for all of my SSLs seemed like price gouging -- that's just my two cents though.)

Anyways, be sure to do your research to determine which company and Hosting Plan works best for you!

Later in this course, we'll use Thrive Suite to build our website. Here are some of the hosting plans that other Thrive Suite users have recommended:

  • Siteground
  • WPX Hosting
  • Hostgator

If you're using a different company or different Hosting Plan, then be sure to let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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