Overview – 12 Stages of Trial

​Stage 1 - Trial Preparation

- Know your deadlines!!! 

- Contact your witnesses at least 2 months in advance.

- Yes, contact your client in advance as well. I've had a client forget about a trial because he was in Vegas... it wasn't a fun time.

- We'll cover how to prepare witnesses for​ trial.

Stage 2 - Jury Selection

​Stage 3 - Finalized Jury

Stage 4 - Opening Statement

Stage 5 - Plaintiff/Prosecutor's Case in Chief

Stage 6 - Directed Verdict

Stage 7 - Defendant's Case in Chief

Stage 8 - ​Rebuttal Case in Chief

Stage 9 - Directed Verdict

Stage 10 - Instructions Conference

Stage 11 - Closing Arguments

Stage 12 - Jury Deliberations

​Don't worry -- each stage will be touched on at some point in the course!

​Which of these stages interest you the most and why?

​Comment below!
  • gs853640@gmail.com says:

    Very impressed with the presentation of highlighted steps!

  • ghadhamfarzeinab@gmail.com says:

    Hi in Kenya we do not have jury trials. I also noticed some terms are different. Overall, I hope to learn what is similar for both jurisdictions.

  • April Kelly Neal says:

    AKN-Trial Preparation because the cases I try are bench trials and I believe this is my weakest area at the moment.

    • It never hurts to get input from local trial lawyers. That way you can get a good sense of what the specific court requires prior to trial.

  • Brittney Lindstrom says:

    The stage that interests me the most is jury selection. The different types of questions (and so random) used to select jurors (or use a peremptory strike, if available).

  • I’ll have to say opening statements it’s just so straightforward!! i’m not a lawyer but hope to be one soon!

  • layfcarlson says:

    The jury selection stage and the directed verdict stage both interest me a lot. I love the psychological aspect of jury selection and the idea of using the judge’s credibility to your advantage. I recently won a protection order defense case on a directed verdict and it made me realize what a tool it can be. I was worried about the risks of having my client testify would be considering he had a related criminal case, I didn’t even have to put him on the stand!

    I am excited to learn more about how I can use my cross-examinations to make winning directed verdicts more likely.

    Love the course so far!

  • Sabina Dhillon says:

    Please advise on how to enroll on Trial Ad Course – given seem to be going in a loop. Additionally, please advise if the fees are one time?

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