Top 15 Practical Gift Ideas for Lawyers and Law Students

Written by Jarrett Stone

If you are shopping for a present for that law student or lawyer in your life, you should consider an impactful gift that serves a practical purpose.

The secret behind giving people presents they will appreciate is getting something that aligns with their interests, meets their needs, or reflects their qualities and personality.

Law students spend long hours studying, while lawyers typically work crazy hours. Thus, it will be beneficial if you get them something relevant to their needs. Even when they think they do not need it, they will realize how essential that gift is in their day-to-day activities over time.

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, a new year, a holiday, or celebrating them for passing the bar exam, these 15 gift ideas are relevant every season and extremely valuable for these legal professionals. And most importantly, there is something for every budget.

At Law Venture, we already know the demanding workload in this profession. With that in mind, these gift ideas have been carefully curated to make a lawyer's and law student's life a little easier. So keep reading this article to some gift inspiration.

1. Keyboard Cover

A keyboard cover is a thoughtful present for every lawyer or law student. It provides protection from liquid, food crumbs, dust, and debris for the keyboard. 

Because lawyers and law students are always on their laptops typing away, this gift will protect the keyboard from wear and tear.

It also acts as a sound insulator to tune down the sounds that the keyboard makes as they are typing furiously or fast, especially if they are in court or taking a law-school exam. 

A keyboard cover is also easy to clean. As a result, this is a cheap gift that will last quite a while!

2. Laptop Carrier

A laptop carrier can have a beautiful design with multiple levels of protection to help prevent scratches and damage. It can also deter liquids when there's an accidental spill.

The best laptop carriers have a large pocket for storing other accessories such as phones, chargers, and other essential gadgets.

This is a good present for a lawyer or a law student because they always carry their laptop around class, going to study groups, when traveling, meeting clients, or within the courtroom. 

3. Laptop shell cases

Seeing a theme here?

Laptops are pretty expensive and, therefore, should be secured from damage. Beyond the expense, a laptop can be critical to a law student's success (e.g., notes, outlines, memos) and to a lawyer's career (e.g., presentations, research, exhibits).

Therefore, look into getting a simple laptop shell case. This is a protective cover that serves a similar purpose as getting a case for your phone. 

In school, a law student moves from one class to another and from a library to a study group. A lawyer also moves around the office, goes to court, and travels. What prevents the laptop from being hit or getting knocked down by accident?

Help the law student and lawyer avoid instant regret by getting them some extra protection.

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4. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a PDF editing app that takes things to the next level. With the ability to annotate, sign, edit entire pages, add images, provide comments, and so much more. 

This is a valuable present because, in this profession, lawyers are always reading PDF documents such as cases and exhibits. But, most importantly, PDF expert allows the user to redact a document appropriately without any issues. 

PDF Expert also works beautifully with an iPad, which can be great for presentations, arguments, and depositions.

If they don't already have it, consider getting this app for them. It may not be the most expensive gift, but it will definitely make life easier for them.

5. A visit to a local chiropractor

This one is for all of the health-conscious gift givers. Unfortunately, law students and lawyers tend to always be sitting and hunched over their computers for very long periods of time. This lifestyle increases the risk of future neck and back pain (if it hasn't already started yet).

In fact, if you are unfamiliar with the recurring issue of "Tech Neck," then check out this insightful article by a chiropractor. 

A visit to a chiropractor can help mitigate the problem of Tech Neck. In doing so, the lawyer and law student can reduce back pain, ease neck tension, aid in relaxation, enhance sleep, and improve posture.

Therefore, go to your local chiropractor's office and see if they offer coupons or packages that you can gift a lawyer or law student. This way, you can tell the recipient that you care greatly about their health and overall well-being.

6. Adjustable standing desk or a laptop stand

While chiropractic visits are essential, it is just one part of the equation. 

A height-adjustable standing desk or a laptop stand is a perfect gift for a lawyer, as it will reduce stress, minimize back pain, and make them more efficient. 

People are not supposed to be hunched over their laptops for an extended period. And lawyers have to do this throughout their careers, which can have a long-term effect on their health. 

Therefore, a gift item that promotes a healthy lifestyle can pay off in dividends. Even though it is expensive, it is definitely worth it. You can also check out other budget-friendly standing desks

Adjustable standing desks allow you to alternate between a sitting and standing position while working, which can keep the user refreshed. 

The Uplift desk also has a whiteboard where you can write and erase notes, solving the problem of shredding papers. 

But if you are on a tighter budget, you can consider affordable laptop stands that the person can switch between sitting and standing. 

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7. A good office chair

Like we've discussed, lawyering often requires sitting in one position for a long period of time. Law students are also faced with the same fate, especially in this era of virtual learning. If they are going to be sitting a ton, then why not make the experience a good one?

A good office chair reduces the risk of hip and leg strain, as well as back pain. Help them become more productive and more comfortable by getting them a quality office chair.

8. Mesh Wi-Fi System

A Mesh Wi-Fi system is a home Wi-Fi designed to eliminate dead zones and provide an uninterrupted internet connection. 

This is a thoughtful gift for a lawyer or law student as it allows them to be blanketed in Wi-Fi; especially now that learning and working virtually is the norm. 

Reliability and speed are essential in this virtual work setup. Modern lawyers and law students need stable internet for a seamless workflow.

Put an end to the internet disruption they experience during mediation, deposition, and classes.  

The Google Nest Wi-Fi system is a great option. You can get one router that can cover 2200 square feet or add Google points to cover even more area.

9. Wi-Fi Light Bulbs

These smart lights have a lighting schedule for the light to go off anytime you want. The lawyer or law student can actually control the timing, temperature (daylight or candle light), and dimming via their phones. 

Lawyers and law students tend to work and study late into the night, disrupting their sleep schedule when their body assumes it is still daylight due to the light's intensity. 

We all know how sleep impacts productivity. But with these Wi-Fi light features, their body can slowly transition to bedtime. And when they are finally ready, they can fall asleep more efficiently and wake up the next day feeling energized.

10. Doggy daycare packages

If your lawyer or law student has a dog, a doggy daycare package is a cute present to consider. In particular, when the law student or lawyer is tied up for long periods of time (like with exams, competitions, depositions), it can be impossible for them to take care of their pup.

Or if the lawyer or law student needs silence at the house (like for a virtual class, deposition, or even studying) and the dog barks a lot, then the disruption can be too much.

Therefore, this gift idea can make the recipient's life a whole lot easier!

This is, however, dependent on the dog. Many doggy daycares require an initial consultation to ensure the dog is friendly with the other four-pawed friends. Check your local doggy daycare for more information.

11. Privacy Screen

This Macbook privacy screen, when attached to a laptop frame, provides privacy by limiting the viewing angle. This can be important because the legal profession often requires handling the confidential files of clients. 

A privacy screen blocks anyone looking from a certain angle and only allows whoever is working directly on the laptop to view the screen's content. 

So when the lawyer has to work with their laptop in public places (like an airplane), they can use screen protectors and protect their client's business from prying eyes. 

This can be the perfect gift for a lawyer who may not even realize they need this. 

12. Printer-Scanner combination

Help your lawyer go paperless!

In the legal profession, lawyers tend to be drowning in paper. To help, look into getting your lawyer a multifunction printer that also includes a scanner.

These days, lawyers are starting their own virtual law firm and existing law firms are transitioning their documents to the cloud. This movement thereby requires documents to be scanned.

And in the event that the lawyer needs to print something, it's important for them to have a printer that works.

So if your lawyer doesn't have a printer or their existing printer is struggling, then look into getting a budget-friendly printer as a gift.

13. A whiteboard

The legal profession requires a lot of analyzing and organizing the thought process. If your lawyer or law student is a visual learner, then this magnetic whiteboard will help them write out their ideas, take notes, and stay organized.

14. Bluetooth headphones

This is another good recommendation because most lawyers do almost everything virtually in this era of remote work. Law students also take part in virtual classes, and being hands-free will make the whole arrangement more conducive and comfortable.  

Additionally, these Bluetooth headphones have a better audio quality than the internal microphone of a laptop, which can be important for virtual presentations and depositions. This will ensure efficient workflow and high-quality learning. 

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15. Trial Ad Academy

Look into enrolling your law student or lawyer in Trial Ad Academy. This online course is designed to equip lawyers with the necessary skills to master the courtroom and improve their trial advocacy skills. 

With over 10 hours of video content, you can help the recipient invest in their career as a lawyer.


From tech devices to accessories that promote a healthy lifestyle, these 15 gift ideas are useful and essential for the law student or lawyer that you’re shopping for. 

And if you are a lawyer or law student reading this article, visit the Law Venture blog to learn about other helpful law tips. 

About the Author

Jarrett Stone is the founder of Law Venture and owner of Stone Firm, PLLC. He's a husband, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed nerd.

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