​There's no video for this lesson.

But, it's worth mentioning that ​the real goal of ​Trial Ad Academy ​is for you to find your voice in the courtroom.

It's not for you to try and be a carbon copy of another ​lawyer.

​​​The biggest hurdle in finding your voice is when people lack confidence. And this typically just stems from ​inexperience ​because they ​are not familiar with courtroom procedure and strategy. This course will definitely help with that. 

Another hurdle will be finding your presentation style, which is your identity in the courtroom.

​This one is tricky to teach because everyone is different.

Because of that, I highly recommend that you digest the presentation styles ​that you'll see in this course. In doing so, ask yourself how you can put your own twist on it so that it feels more natural to you. 

​It's all about playing to your strengths​ -- not someone else's.

  • April Kelly Neal says:

    AKN-I’m sarcastic and I’m not sure that would play well.

    • Join the club! Haha. I try to keep my sarcasm to a minimum throughout trial, which can be tough. However, if there is ever a time to be a little sassy, then it’s Closing Argument.

    • Bryan Agresor says:

      I know very well known and seasoned attorney here in southern cali use sarcasm in his cross-examinations to great use. 😉

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