Trial Advocacy

Trial Advocacy Training

Module 1

The heart of Trial Ad Academy!

Module Structure

Introduction 3 Lessons

Course Introduction

Let's talk strategy.

Overview – 12 Stages of Trial

An overview of the entire course.

Finding Your Voice

How to be the best version of yourself in the courtroom.

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Pre-Trial Preparation 5 Lessons

Know the Elements

Beginning with the conclusion in mind.

Discovery Review

Building the foundation to your case.

Double Checking

It's sometimes ok to be paranoid.

Pre-Trial Conference

Your first major impression with Opposing Counsel and the Court.

Motion in Limine

Find out how a Motion in Limine can protect your client and your case!

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Jury Selection 11 Lessons

Intro to Jury Selection

Watch this before getting started on this chapter.

Jury's Duties - Burden of Proof (Part 1)

The first step in finding out if the potential jurors are fit to be on the jury.

Jury's Duties - Burden of Proof (Part 2)

Two examples showing how to present Preponderance of the Evidence and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

Presentation - Burden of Proof

Asking the right questions and starting to win the panel over.

Potential Case Issues

With this portion of Jury Selection, it's time to (1) head off any potential issues; and (2) plant the seed that the other side's case is weak. Here's how...

Damages or Sentencing

Always prepare for the other half of the equation. You're not going to want to skip this topic of conversation!

Challenge for Cause

Your most powerful weapon during Jury Selection.

Crafting the Introduction

Here are ways to get the panel engaged so that you can easily get the valuable information needed.

Lightning Round!

The Sweet 16! In this lesson, you'll get 16 tips and considerations for mastering Jury Selection.

Who to Strike?

This seating chart helps you determine which potential jurors should be struck.

Prep + Final Thoughts

It's time to put it all together!

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Opening Statement 3 Lessons

Crafting the Perfect Opening Statement

Here's a super-detailed explanation on how to craft the PERFECT Opening Statement.

Opening Statement Example

How to put the 10-Step Formula together.

Commentary & Criticism

Reviewing the example + touching on important details that you should consider when preparing for Opening Statement.

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Direct Examination 3 Lessons

Intro + GOALS

Find out what you should achieve with a dynamic Direct!

Recipe for Success

This is the outline of questions you should use to have a compelling Direct Examination.

Lightning Round

Rapid Fire time! Watch these 16 tips for Direct Examination.

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Cross Examination 8 Lessons

Intro to Cross Examination

Find out what Cross is and is NOT.

Fundamentals of Cross

Massive lesson! Check out all of the foundational things that you need to know.

Controlling the Witness

Here are ways to prevent the witness from "running" on your cross examination.

Best Question for Cross Examination

Always ask this question...

2 Types of Cross Questions

Short lesson on how to have well-rounded crosses.

Inconsistent Statements

Find out how to execute the most common form of impeachment.

Impeaching with Prior Convictions

Use this easy-to-follow flow chart to determine if you can use a prior conviction to impeach the witness.

Handling "I don't know" & "I don't remember"

Here's how to use these answers to bolster your cross examination!

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Exhibits 2 Lessons

Handling Exhibits

Step-by-Step process for trying to get exhibits admitted into evidence.

Refreshing Recollection

At some point, a witness' mind will go blank or their memory will get fuzzy. Here's how to fix that.

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Expert Witnesses 5 Lessons

The Basics of Expert Witnesses

Here's a quick overview!

Who Qualifies as an Expert

The threshold issue to expert witnesses.

Challenging an Expert Witness

Ways to challenge (or defend) an Expert Witness

Example: Offering an Expert Witness

Example testimony of an Expert's methodology that leads to the Expert's conclusions.

Example: Challenging an Expert Witness

An example of attacking the methodology of an Expert Witness!

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Closing Argument 2 Lessons

Ingredients of a Successful Closing Argument

Find out the real purpose of Closing Argument + everything that your Closing Argument needs to include.

Ultimate Guide | Perfect Closing Argument

Monster lesson! 10 Steps to the Perfect Closing Argument!

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Objections 4 Lessons

Top 10 Trial Objections

Here is a list of the most common objections that you'll be using in front of the jury!

Hearsay - Part 1

This is a general overview of Hearsay.

Hearsay - Part 2

Step-by-step guide to analyzing Hearsay.

Rule 403

The ultimate "catch-all" objection.