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The Importance of Opening Statement Examples.

In the last blog and video post, we discussed how to write an Opening Statement

Now in this post, let's break down an Opening Statement example that was delivered by a prosecutor during a murder trial.

Truthfully, it doesn't matter whether you practice criminal law, civil law, family law, or whether you are preparing for a mock trial Opening Statement. Watching an Opening Statement example is a great way to improve your own trial advocacy skills.

By watching examples like this, you can begin to incorporate these tips and tricks into your own opening statement. And you can avoid and -- more importantly -- improve upon the mistakes made by others as well.

Plus, the best examples of an Opening Statement involve some x-factors that are super easy to overlook.

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10-Step Formula to the Perfect Opening Statement

How to Deliver an Amazing Opening Statement.

After you write an Opening Statement, you need to practice presenting it in front of the jury. That way you can practice delivering the tone and the pace of the overall presentation and argument.

While you are doing a mock opening statement (i.e. practice run), be sure to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Where should I be standing when I present this fact during opening statement?
  • When should I walk to a different point in the courtroom?
  • When should a speed up my presentation?
  • When should a slow down my opening statement?
  • Should I ask rhetorical questions?
  • Do I need to incorporate dramatic pauses?

So be sure to watch the above video to see all of these elements in play!

With this Opening Statement Example, I walk you through the things that I really like and the things that I think could have improved the overall presentation (and everything in between!).

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