Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Written by Jarrett Stone

Lawyers are living in a new age of marketing. 

As a lawyer, marketing for potential clients comes down to your return on investment (ROI).

Despite more lawyers transitioning towards virtual law firms, today's lawyers are still marketing like it's the 1990s. 

These archaic marketing strategies are causing lawyers to spend more money than ever, which results in a lower ROI because cases are generally not changing in value. 

Billboards are outdated.

Please do not incorporate billboards in your marketing strategy. If you do, then there are some major hurdles that you'll have to overcome.

First, they're expensive.

Second, passengers in cars are most likely staring at their phones than billboards.

Third, in most states, drivers are not allowed to be on their cell phone while driving so they are unlikely to take down your name and number.

Fourth, you're most likely going to have to compete with other billboards that have legal advertising. If there are 10 billboards with 10 different lawyers, you'll have a hard time standing out.

Fifth, they're are MUCH more cheaper marketing strategies (more on this later).

TV commercials are outdated.

I also don't recommend incorporating TV commercials in your marketing strategy either. Like with billboards, there are some major drawbacks with TV commercials. 

First, they're expensive.

Second, people skip through commercials these days.

Third, more and more people are "cutting the cord" by getting rid of cable. Instead, people are spending more time streaming their shows and movies online. 

Fourth, like with billboards, it's hard to stand out from other competing commercials. 

Fifth, they're are MUCH more cheaper marketing strategies (more on this later).

Social Media is the best ROI. 

Hands down the best marketing strategy for lawyers is social-media marketing. Here are the MAJOR benefits: 

First, social-media marketing can range from free to relatively inexpensive.

Second, everyone and their grandmothers are on social media. Follow the attention!

Third, social media allows you to connect with an audience in a much deeper way, which can result in lifelong fans of you and future referrals. It's a lot like the old school word-of-mouth way of growing your law practice. The only difference is that social media exponentially amplifies the audience.

Fourth, social media allows you to specifically target your ideal client (like, scary specific).  

Fifth, your content lives on the internet forever. Therefore, your reach can exponentially grow as you continue to put more content on social media.

So what are you waiting for?

Start creating some killer content for social media!

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About the Author

Jarrett Stone is the founder of Law Venture and owner of Stone Firm, PLLC.

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